Dinner Menu


A) Small (2 shrimp, 3 veggie)   $7

B) Large (4 shrimp, 6 veggie)   $13

C) Shrimp (4 shrimp)   $8

D) Vegetable (6 mixed veggie)   $7

E) Sweet Potato (6 pieces)   $7

Side Dishes


Ramen (Egg Noodles)

All our ramen broth is pork based and made in house with carefully selected ingredients. All ramen containing BBQ pork comes with our house pork "toro" which is tender, fattier cut of pork with full flavors | Please inform your server if you would like the lean pork as an alternative.

Wakame Seaweed $0.95
Green Onions $0.95
Corn $0.95
Bean Sprouts $0.95
Kimchi $1.5
Spicy Kimchi $1
4pc Extra BBQ Pork toro $4.5
4pc Extra BBQ Pork shoulder $4.5

Udon / Soba (Thick Wheat Noodles / Thin Buckwheat Noodles)

All our Udon/Soba broth is soy based and contains fish stock

Donburi (Rice Bowls)